What Can’t Facebook do?

The other day I was on Zite, looking up different articles of friendships. Since it was close to Valentine’s Day, this snowballed into looking at relationship articles (because you can’t just look at ONE thing on the internet). I noticed a couple of articles about technology and dating, which I may touch on later, but a couple of them stood out to me. One was called “Facebook Interactions Before And After The Start Of Relationships” while the other was titled “Facebook can predict how long you’ll be in a relationship.” That’s right, what CAN’T Facebook do?!

The first article mentioned is quite simple to explain. When a person is single and interested in another person who happens to interested in them as well, the interactions via Facebook (or any social media) tends to be sporadic. When the two parties warm up to each other, the interactions pick up. After the relationship status is changed from “Single” to “In a Relationship,” the interactions between the two parties start to die down (with an occasional posting here and there like all couples). So to sum up, once in the committed relationship you’re spending more time with that person face-to-face or talking to them on the phone, there’s not a lot to tell  them through Facebook. Here’s the photo of the data from the article:


The second article, is a little bit more awkward. I mean, how can Facebook tell how long I am going to be with my partner? When I read it, it seemed to me like it was a joke. “Updating your status to ‘in a relationship’ for three or more months means you’re likely to be in it for the long haul.” Really?! And here I thought that if it lasted a week we were going to be married forever. Give me a break.

But, I kept reading despite my feelings for this article and found some interesting things. According to the data, the conductors of the research found that more relationships are more likely to end in the summer. Shocking, but it shouldn’t be THAT shocking because most people want summer “flings.” Residential college students go home for the summer, so why not ditch the guy in the dorm hall across the street and just have fun? You can hook up when you both move back onto campus, right? Also, in 2011, there seemed to be a massive amount of breakups. This the researchers questioned if it could be due to the economy. I know from experience that my relationship had it’s problems that year, as well as the years after (which we got through thankfully). Unfortunately, due to the economy and hours that our jobs were giving us we had to stop renting an apartment and move back in with our families. We have been doing a lot better, but some other couples seemed to not have the same luck as us. It’s said, but hey, if you’re barely able to make the bills on time, the stress builds, and relationships suffer.

The summer is just around the corner (hopefully), so either hug your partner tightly, or get ready for some summer lovin’.

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3 Responses to What Can’t Facebook do?

  1. aglin11 says:

    This makes me wonder about the couples that are in long term relationships on Facebook that kind of show off their relationship through pictures, comments, or status updates. Obviously these people might be the exception and not the rule. But do these couples overcompensate through social media to make up for something lacking in the relationship off of Facebook?

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  3. mrszeebmurph says:

    I’m not a big social media person. Heck I just got a twitter & instagram last month. However, I am one who is always on facebook. I met & fell in awe of facebook in 2008. At first I found it as an amazing way to re-connect with classmates from highschool. Some I had not seen or heard from in 20 years. At the time my teens were all over myspace so I thought facebook was cool for my age group. NOW…I’ve seen some of the craziest fights on facebook whether it’s via words or actual video. I’ve spoken to friends who are married & they are not friends with his/her spouse on facebook for variety of reasons. It’s funny you discuss facebook & relationships. According to recent statistics facebook has been mentioned in over 60% of divorce cases…wow!!

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